Winning Smiles Dental Awards 2013, South West Dental Practice of the Year.
Winning Smiles Dental Awards 2013, Best Patient Care.
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21st Century Dentures

One in four of the adult population (including more than a million people below the age of 45) wear dentures. Sadly up until very recently denture treatment has been the Cinderella branch of dentistry. A staggering 42% of denture wearers have problems wearing their artificial teeth and one in four cannot eat in them at all!

Thankfully new advances in dental technology mean that it is now possible for denture wearers to enjoy the dignity of eating with comfortable and attractive teeth.

Denture Stabilisation

When people with natural teeth chew, their teeth remain firmly attached to their gums. However when denture wearers chew, their teeth sometimes remain in contact with their gums and sometimes they stick to the food instead. Trying to eat with full dentures can often seem a bit like trying to jog in flip-flops! Upper dentures generally stick to the roof of the mouth tolerably well by dint of suction (sometimes assisted by a little fixative) but lower dentures just jiggle about everywhere. Now, however, it is possible to keep lower dentures in place using little snap fasteners very similar to the ones used in clothing, or with the use of precision suction valves.
Mini Dental Implants information. A guide to Mini Dental Implants. Ultrasuction Fixings.
Denture Stabilisation
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Comfort Cushions

The skin covering the gums in the lower jaw is ver y thin and tender. This is why lower dentures are frequently painful to wear. A soft cushioned surface can now be applied to either your existing dentures or to new dentures in order to protect your gums from trauma.

Lightweight Skeleton Dentures

Old fashioned plastic partial dentures were bulky, brittle and the upper dentures covered most of your palate. What is more plastic doesn’t conduct heat very well so that they meant that your tea never really seemed hot and your ice cream never really felt cold. Lightweight skeleton dentures leave the roof of your mouth clear so that you can still taste your food and so that there is nowhere for debris to collect when you eat. The metal conducts heat so that you get the correct temperature sensation from the food in your mouth and the clasps grip your teeth tightly so that the dentures stay firmly put when you chew sticky food.
Lightweight Skeleton Dentures
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‘Invisible’ Clasps

The clasps which grip your teeth to hold partial dentures in place have traditionally been made of metal. However a new material called Valplast has been developed in the United States. This material is highly flexible and can be made in the same colour as your gums so that the clasps are virtually invisible ( see the picture opposite). As the material is so flexible it can also slide over lumps and bulges in your gums making for greater comfort and stability. Sandra has recently received a Valplast clasped denture. ‘They were fantastic from the day they were fitted’ she says. ‘ It’s the comfort of them that I cannot get over’.

James Nielson, clinical dental technician at Winning Smiles has been over to New York to train at the Valplast laboratory and is one of the most experienced people in Britain in the use of this technique.
A guide to Valplast Dentures. Valplast Information.
Invisible Clasp
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Information on dentures can be found at
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