Winning Smiles Dental Awards 2013, South West Dental Practice of the Year.
Winning Smiles Dental Awards 2013, Best Patient Care.
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Winning Smiles Pain Free Dentistry

Wouldn't it be great if dental treatment could be truly pain free? Well at Winning Smiles we have a couple of tricks up our sleeves to make the goal of pain free dentistry more achievable than ever before.

The Magic of TENS

TENS is a system first developed to counter labour pains and chronic back pain. The body finds it very difficult to sense vibration and pain at the same time, that is why you instinctively rub yourself to relieve the pain whenever you hurt yourself. If a tiny Vibraject vibrator is attached to the local anaesthetic syringe then you scarcely feel anything when the injection goes in. Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? This is what patients have to say about TENS.
Vibraject Pain Free
"Absolutely painless. You wouldn't know anything was happening. Astonishing." - Peter Parfitt.
"I couldn't believe how relaxed I felt having the injection. I couldn't even feel the needle going in, now I would always ask for it." - Rosemary Young
"Pain free and not what I was expecting. It didn't feel like I was having an injection" - Kirsty Pritchard.
"Amazing. Really nice. I absolutely didn't feel a thing." - Sharon Hollis

Fluid Abrasion

Wherever possible fillings are done using a revolutionary new system called fluid abrasion. The decay is simply washed away using a fine jet of abrasive particles and water. To read more about this technique visit On other occasions the decay may be dissolved using a Swedish system called Carisolv.
Fluid Abrasion

Numbing Gel

The first thing we do when numbing your tooth is to apply a flavoured anaesthetic gel to your gums. You can choose from a wide variety of flavours from vanilla to chocolate, from Amaretto to Cointreau.

Drill Free

We offer drill free dentistry wherever possible. For small fillings decay is usually removed painlessly using water jet abrasion or by using a liquid called Carisolve to disolve the decay. In the case of large fillings the tooth is numbed painlessly using our revolutionary tens technology.

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