Winning Smiles Dental Awards 2013, South West Dental Practice of the Year.
Winning Smiles Dental Awards 2013, Best Patient Care.
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Murray Hawkins B.D.S., D.G.D.P.R.C.S. (GDC Reg: 59465)

Murray qualified from Manchester University in 1984. He opened his first practice in Gillingham in 1991. His special interests are cosmetic dentistry and treatment of nervous patients. He was voted Britain's Dentist of the Year in 2002, won the 2012, Aesthetic Dentistry Award, and was the finalist in the 2009 Smile Awards (Britain's top award for cosmetic dentistry). Murray is married to Sue who was for many years a science teacher at Gillingham School and also ran one of the town's Brownie Packs. They have two daughters.
The Probe Dental Awards 2002, Murray Hawkins UK Dentist of the year winner.
The Smile Awards 2009 Finalist.
2012, Aesthetic Dentistry Awards.
Murray Hawkins

Bethan Fletcher B.Sc.(Hons), B.D.S. (GDC Reg: 72148)

Bethan qualified from the University of Wales in 1996. As an undergraduate she won the University Periodontology prize. She has academic papers published in both the British Dental Journal and the British Medical Journal. Before joining the team at Winning Smiles she worked in private practice in Salisbury for 10 years. She is married with three daughters.
Bethan Fletcher

James Nielson B.Sc.(Hons), Dip CDT RCS (Eng). (GDC Reg: 134768)

James is one of the few doubly qualified clinical dental technicians in the UK. He is qualified both to treat patients in the clinic and to fabricate their full or partial dentures in the laboratory. He received his training in Manchester, Toronto, New York and London. He was voted the best individual team member at the 2013 Dentistry Awards; and was runner up for the U.K. clinical dental technician of the year award 2009 and a finalist again in 2010. Moreover, he is a member of the board of the British Association of Clinical Dental Technicians BACDT.
Further Information on James.
2013, The Dentistry Awards, Most Outstanding Individual.
2009, Clinical Dental Technitian of the Year, Runner Up.
James Nielson

Wendy Hester

Wendy qualified as a dental hygienist from Birmingham Dental Hospital in 1990 and as a dental therapist from Bristol University Dental Hospital in 2012. She lives in Gillingham with her husband Simon, who is a paramedic and her two sons Robbie and Jonnie.
Wendy Hester

Val Cockell

Val qualified from the Royal Dental Hospital in London back in 1968. She worked for several years in the West End of London before coming down to live in Dorset. She is married with two children and two grandchildren.
Val Cockell
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